The Skatoons are an 8 piece Ska band formed early in 2004. The group are based in Lanzarote, Canary Islands. 

Prehaps best known for their ska infused football anthem, "The world cup's waiting for you". The Skatoons enjoyed rave reveiws from the music critics during 2010's World Cup in South Africa. Click the logos below to read reveiws.





A huge thanks to Cherry Red records for signing us up!! Available to download on iTunes & Amazon via this links below. You tube link above.




So what is Ska Music? First and foremost ska is dance music. It began in the early 60´s in Kingston, Jamaica at the time of the Jamaican independence. It was a mixture of caribbean rhythms and songs of the time. Ska was brought over to Britain via West Indian immigration where it also became known as Blue Beat which attracted interest from the original British skinheads and Mods. Back in Jamaica the music began to slow down a little and so evolved Rock Steady and later Reggae.

In the summer of ´79 a Ska revival began in the UK and the youth learned how to dance again. After three years of pogo-ing to the sound of punk, it was time to skank to the sound of Ska and providing the music backdrop was the 2-tone scene, a multi racial sound that filled the dance floors of live venues. along came bands such as The Specials, Madness, Selector and Bad Manners.

Now in Lanzarote, Ska has arrived. The Skatoons have recaptured the sound of the original Jamaican and the UK revival scene. The Skatoons have already had several sell out, foot stomping gigs throughout Lanzarote and a near miss at stardom with a world cup the world cup 2010 button to see the video.



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Welcome to the world of The Skatoons

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: Lanzarote's Battle Of The band Winners 2012!!

: Englands unofficial Euro 2016 anthem >>>>

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EURO 2016 St Georges 2012